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Richard Skipper Celebrates
Also worth celebrating is Daneen Wilburn
Daneen Wilburn has been taking fans on a musical journey of emotion and passion since she was a child. Her voice transitions from soul, to gospel, jazz, and ballads in effortless fashion. “She is an engaging performer and a true talent,” says Grammy Winner Clarence McDonald, producer of Nancy Wilson’s Music on My Mind album, and Bill Wither’s Lovely Day.

He continued, “If you ever have a chance to see her perform, do it.” Perhaps this is why her fans are eagerly awaiting her debut album, produced by two times Grammy winner, Kamau Kenyatta. Team Kenyatta (left) and Porter batting .500 in the Grammy awards game
Kenyatta. (load more) Richard Skipper

San Diego Troubadour - Remembering Aretha Franklin (Robert Bush)
I believe that only a fellow vocalist can really describe what made Aretha stand out, and Wilburn didn’t disappoint me. “A lot of gospel singers don’t have her patience—maybe because they don’t have the chops she had. She didn’t need to jump and shout and run all around the church. She could just stand flatfooted where she was and do what she did because there was just so much inside her—even to this day I try to emulate some of the things she did. Read more
Smooth Jazz Network - Top 100 Chart
Her song STRONG LOVE written by Marathon Poplar and produced by two-time grammy winner Kamau Kenyatta
San Diego Reader - Daneen Wilburn's reentry into the music world
This is what I was born to do,” says vocalist Daneen Wilburn, about her reentry into the music world after dropping out for more than 20 years to raise a family. “It’s more than just an ability, there is something deeper happening here.” (load more) Robert Bush San Diego Reader-Daneen's reentry into music world
Patrick van de Weile
Key and Chord Magazine-Belgium
Since her childhood, American Daneen Wilburn from San Diego knows how to captivate her fans musically. She feels at home in soul, gospel, jazz and ballads. Her parents were gospel singers, and thus music made a big part of her childhood. She was the lead singer of the family band. When she was 19, she was singing on the Hollywood Bowl stage. Yet she chose a family, and it was not until twenty years later that she would return to music. Now her debut is out, in a production of two-time Grammy Award winner Kamau Kenyatta (Patti Austin, Gregory Porter). It contains soulful jazz and gospel, almost all original songs. The first track immediately exudes that soulful jazz in a mid-tempo track. 'Quiet Nights' is a jazzy cover of Jobim's classic, while 'I'll Be Free' is a song that was recorded 40 years ago by her uncle's gospel quartet. Further on is 'Strong Love', which sounds a bit more up- tempo. 'I Still Love You' is a beautiful ballad, and 'This Is Not Love' too. And 'Love Is Where You Find It' is an acoustic valve. A very arousing debut by one soulful singer!”
Patrick Van de Wiele 2018
Tony Gwynn Tribute
I had to track you down… You were absolutely amazing last nite singing Amazing Grace. You could tell it came straight from your heart. Thank You !
– Julie Lyle Speidel
Grammy Award Winning Producer
Clarence McDonald 
Daneen Wilburn for an impromptu “Amazing Grace” at The Back Room / 98 Bottles in San Diego, CA.
Daneen is an incredible singer & entertainer and a class act. She was backed by a great young band and guest artist Brandon Primus (saxophone) and Derek Cannon (trumpet). The show was an great blend of R&B, Jazz, Gospel and Soul. If you get a chance to see her perform live you will be in for a real treat! Keep the music playing! Celebrity Networth

-The Clarence McDonald Team Thanks for a special night!
Norm Swamberg  KSDS 88.3 Jazz

Last night Daneen Wilburn launched her new album, featuring a crop of stellar musicians, including Grammy Winners Kamau Kenyatta and Curtis Taylor. Every musician on the album showed up to contribute to sold out audience...a family affair with daughters Whitley Wilburn and Jordan Wilburn, brothers, sisters...
I LOVE this woman..a genuine sweetheart with chops to spare! I get touches of Layla Hathaway, Chaka Khan, Jill Scott, and the church feel of Aretha. Hopefully this will have the kind of legs Kamau has had eith his other protege, Gregory Porter.
Here's to your great success Daneen!!!!

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